Monday, September 21, 2015

Blue Springs

After meeting Victoria almost two years ago, I finally got a chance to shoot with her and the day couldn't have gone more beautifully. I think Victoria described it best, this is an excerpt from her blog about that day.....  enjoy!

 "I found myself in a fairy-tale, the water was crystal clear, transparent, soul cleansing. Magic seeped from the rooted mess surrounding the blue. Moss danced from the trees, touching down here and there to flirt with the water beneath it. Mid photo-shoot it rained, poured even and time stood still. Rain drops kissed my cheeks and the water played around me. At that second the quote, "attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure," was put to practice as we embraced the down pour. Fog dipped down to hug the surface of the water, hiding the fairies as they too were enjoying the wonderland before us. The water was cold, the air was thick + humid and the rain, a delicious mix of the two."

Gigantic shoutout to Queen B doing hair and makeup and providing the prettiness for the day. Follow her beauty posts on insta: BEOTAL

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